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Visual Thesis Paul Aksenova

Posted 13-02-2012 at 01:09 by ART4.RU

opened in Izhevsk ; man show Pavel Aksenov, a legendary party trehprudnenskoy commune. In the White Room Gallery of the newspaper "Izvestia of the Udmurt Republic" posted twenty graphic sheets, each of which depicts the work of someone else, had an influence on the artist.
In fact, this exhibition - a story about the difficult fate of pyatidesyatidvuhletnego Aksenov. Talk to the legendary commune Trekhprudny, he emigrated from Russia to France in 1993. Soon connection broke off, heard only vague rumors Pasha moved to England, the poor, insane, and was treated at the clinic for the mentally ill. In 2008, he was suddenly deported to Russia and was sent to his native Izhevsk, where he has since lived with his mother in a two-bedroom apartment.

portrait of Paul Aksenova, drawing by Anton Nikolaev < /span>

In Izhevsk him the first time in many years of serious and unexpected luck. He was met by chance on the street, an old friend, who spoke about the difficulties of Anvil Pashin Kasimov - artist, MP, philanthropist and leader of the unconditional Izhevsk art scene. Anvil has taken under his wing Aksenov: Pasha held two solo exhibitions at the gallery "Izvestia", which is in charge of Anvil. In addition, sales began to ensure that the artist tolerable existence. I have personally witnessed the scene, when the Anvil ordered sofas from Ikea Flap mother in the neighboring Kazan (Izhevsk not). Anvil also promotes Aksenova Moscow: two series of papers (mostly remakes of works of the early nineties) were presented at the exhibition gelmanovskoy « Art Against Geography ».

photo from the exhibition "Art against Geography", photo by Pavel Bogdanov

new project «Artists» (the name apparently refers to the fourteen-year period when the artist was in London) seemed more interesting than what Pasha presented previously (remakes work early 90s). Drawn from memory snatches of memories of the works of artists, a series of deliberately sloppy graphics in A4 format - clearly more than a collection of artifacts of someone's unfortunate fate. The same longing for a serene and not yet broken-commerce is in the ninetieth uncompromising return to the "outdated" practice of conceptualism and actionism, which took a few years ago a group of art-War and Andrew Kuzkin.

The main work of Aksenov, which he did several years in London, was the" Presentation of thesis defense ": a refrigerator scored works by artists that can be used as food. The author believes that such an object can tell you about the relationship of art and food, more than any multi-page tome. The project «Artists» - a new visual thesis Aksenov, who may talk about nostalgia for the 90th, more than any scientific text.

Pavel Aksenov has kindly agreed to comment on some of its new series of works:

Adam Dante

This is an English artist, comic artists, living in London in the East End, where it was and my studio. Donald Parsnips - the character of his comics, which are well known to the British. Freak in the hat, which interesting events occur.
On my picture shows Donald Parsnipsa hat, on which this character is well remembered. Bottom signed by Adam Dante. I think that's how he came up with this hat: sitting in his studio at his desk and at one point came up and drew a graphic sheet.
I really like the drawing style , like how he builds on the comics page - four-leaf A4, and the magazine came out every day for five years.
Adam Dante - my friend. Our studios were in the neighborhood. The walls of his studio are covered with sheets of graphics. Workshop unusual - a showcase of how the store, which can be opened to the street. We are with him and his wife, Melissa American, spent a lot of time for the drinking of wine.

Damien Hirst

< i> My small graphic work, and at Hurst - huge canvases. In these circles are very large and long name, is almost untranslatable. The name contains words like "chrome", "Ashida».
With Hearst I was not able to meet in person, but had to encounter with the work in 1995 at the Venice Biennale. It was cut a cow. It made me not too impressed, but not bad provoked the British press, which is discussed that for a piece of rancid meat artist to pay 20,000 pounds. It was a scandal in its pure form, I do not close.
But I like the canvas by Damien Hirst. These circles, in fact, produce an impression. More like the relatively recent canvases with skulls. Very well written and visually compelling.

David Salle

American artist David Salle called the man who killed the painting . He has a picture, usually in black and white photographs of some of the training. On top of this background, the different colored locks painted scenes. The thing is, I chose is called "Pastoral with the naked figure." On my chart shows only a small part of the canvas - a nude figure, which crashed into the big picture shepherd who plays the flute for his shepherdess. I really like this artist, and I am very familiar with his work, but do not know him personally. I've seen a lot of catalogs, and he made a strong impression on me and even had some influence. His painting and how it's done - just great.

Champions Worlds

This artistic team worked in Moscow in the eighties. This Kostya Zvezdochetov, Boris Matrosov, Vadim Fishkin, Latyshev and Gia Abramishvili, very funny team. I have many guys from this team know, and I really like it. I pictured them to install 'Wild songs of our homeland. " The object, painted with red paint - office, bus or tram, the old model, where the top is written, "the chorus thirty kopecks." So much cost transportation to the currency reform in 1961. That is to say, and then in the eighties, this office was hopeless retro. I really like object. So I reproduced it here among other favorite artists.

Jeff Koons

This work represents a small sculpture of a rabbit or bunny with two big ears. Such a strange thing. She is extremely pleasant to me. Still I like to have Koons made in this technique the dog. Once the dog is large and twisted with red balloons, sausages, and a small rabbit. I chose the rabbit.

Joseph Beuys

Image piano, covered with gray material, as a rough army blanket, with a Swiss Red Cross in the middle. In general, Joseph Beuys incredible love: its graphics, installations, objects. This object is extremely strange, and I could vividly imagine, despite the fact that he had seen him only in catalogs and magazines. Something between a coffin and a hospital bed.

Pavel Aksenov

This is my work is called" Presentation defending a thesis. " It was exhibited only once in 2007 in my studio in London. Except for me at the opening was attended by only two of my friends, specially for this event came from France. No one else was even artists who worked in nearby shops. This day was very cold, the building is not heated, so no one wanted to be there.
This installation of refrigerators, which houses several works of famous artists associated with the food. Thus, it seems to me, it was possible to find an adequate form to represent the relationship between creativity and eating - perhaps better than the defense of the thesis on the same topic. Therefore, the work is called.
The idea to create such a work came after a girl as a gift offered to the refrigerator. At first I wanted to give up: in an unheated studio and it was cold enough that the food is not spoiled. But, looking a gift, got the idea that this is an interesting object of the installation: a small, old and with a strange long name, which were amazing for a refrigerator word «hot point». Another recalled the Russian artists of the "World Champions" and "Mukhomorov" who also liked to use refrigerators.
later came up with the idea of ​​thesis entitled" Food and artists, "which will present not in the form of the abstract and protection, but in the form of installation. While this is a straightforward idea, it was a fascinating paradoxical.
The first object that came into his thesis: my job," White Square "- the usual primed canvas, wrapped in a tube, which symbolized by the whiteness of the ice. The well-known London-based artist Kevin Turk presented the egg, painted in the style of Magritte. Ilya Kabakov was his signature on the circle: "Whose is this mug?". Oleg Kulik gave me a can of dog food, and signed it. There was a jar of Coca-Cola, signed by Gilbert and George. Also, the soup was bought by Campbell, known to the world thanks to the design of Andy Warhol. In this case, the author's signature is not required.
Shortly after this show I started to have problems. I was arrested for resisting police and deported from England. I'm afraid that my installation was lost. Only the work of Kevin Turk with an egg was worth about six thousand dollars. That's how much worth of work in this series. I'm still amazed at the kindness and extravagance of the artist, who presented the work of a stranger.

Kevin Turk

Kevin Turk - a very famous English artist. His work - a plate of 50 to 50, which is made of ceramic. It says "District Kengsington. Sculptor Kevin Turk worked here in 1989-1990. " The work was done as a thesis at the Royal Academy of Arts, where he studied sculpture. These plates are fixed on the houses in the city of London, where famous people lived.
I connected with it an amazing story, when I came to visit him, and was presented with a job at the market price six thousand dollars. I found his address, he came, rang the doorbell. Somewhere opened a window, threw the keys on top.
After hearing the story about my project with a dissertation, Kevin gave me an egg for my refrigerator, painted in the style of Magritte clouds. It was a very beautiful thing in a metal box. With blue spots, like ceramic tiles, medieval Dutch or German. I am very sorry that this object is most likely lost.

Prepared by Anton Nikolaev

http://aroundart. ru/2739899 /

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