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<div align="justify"> Today "Spring" met with Andrei Loshak. Cool popoldnichali. Until then met a girlfriend since the first conquest of Moscow. Fifteen years ago, Ela-paladins. And she reminded me of a very unpleasant page of my life. In twenty years I have met with a well-known actor then. And she already forgotten about it, yes Alinka recalled. I did not love him, but because he is very well cared for me, very strongly and delicately at the same time, I think I started to change at the mercy of indifference. History for me is very typical: a village guy, little educated and loshkovaty begins to take care of me he did not like it, then start to look after them and say to myself: okay, let's see, maybe something happens. <br /> <br /> Oh, and when I rigors, very quickly this guy is very unwell displayed. Spodlichal. We believe that this was a bug in the program. I had all my life to choose not from the standpoint of "how a man treats me", but on personal qualities. Let him and doebyvalsya not so much, but man would have been good at podlyuchest not capable. Well all right. Then I had to specifically punish the bastards, give them a lesson, lower front of friends and nahuy vypizdit without the right to try again. <br /> <br /> And then they told me today that the life he had the lousy. At a found my Caesar, a heifer, which it around his little finger, fooled his head, and then destroyed his career and life, has taken over the world, and when his career because of it collapsed, the calf left him. A man lost his theater, at the time, the best in Moscow. Somehow it did not take anywhere. Then he stopped shooting. Then he started drinking and drinking to this day. <br /> <br /> Ur. Evil is punished. Bastards pissed away life. Almost <strike> rozhdestvennskaya history </strike> Easter miracle. I have long waited for life to punish him. I have a list of seven people for a segment of life to 18 years - this is not love, it is humanity's list - on which I had given bad tooth. Closely me on earth happened to them while they are not punished. First, that my 18-year-old orphan, threw the good grandmother, broke with the stroke of 38 years and more, the second now, as it turns out, punished. Well, there are still five people. We'll see what there they all will. My thought is material, does not go, my dears. </Div><br><br><a target='_blank' href='http://becky-sharpe.livejournal.com/737529.html'>Link to original</a>
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