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otherwise I'll eat ...

Запись от kazerov размещена 02.12.2011 в 17:23

animals ... just found : BRIC countries, most dvadtsadki plans to provide financial influence in the IMF ( and there Russia ) , to further the use of funds for debt problems in the eurozone. the horror . where Europe with trilionami debt to America and there trilionami debts. it is clear that no such amount to , but I have a drop of blood is not ready to give. to the same question will not be solved , but will gain strength to shove me into the pot ...
got these ones , even if paying their debts.
willing to pay w zyje , proceed as in Russia all the way to treat sick children , create an account and transfer your money there , but collected taxes from my skin waste for a better life here in Russia, there is much to improve . otherwise I'll eat ... > Point
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