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The artist writes Massov Light

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... Not seeing the sun and planets,
Not knowing what's going on in the world,
One as a finger in the empty apartment
Artist Massov Light writes ...

Artist - guy, like everyone else,
But skilled in the Invisible Battle,
It samodvizhnaya prayer
Scurries like a squirrel in a cage.

He writes at night, writes afternoon
He writes in tempera and chalk,
He wrote White on White -
And God's light shines in it!

Dawn wraps house
Her purple porphyry,
Artist of the masses for yogurt
Coming to the next "Deli".

Once again, in a hurry to return to the cage,
Is wider sky and the universe,
To shine Predmirny, Light Imperishable
On the canvas lean despicable!

... Fifteen years ago
I cried predawn ranyu
And hard as a justification:
"The artist wrote Massov Light."

        S.Kalugin "White on White"

Valentin P. Massey, a native of the Ulyanovsk region, was born to a doctor. Early left without parents, brought up in an orphanage.
- I was four years old when my older brother bought crayons. I took these pencils and said, "Do not give up." And dear person to me, my mother's sister, she was molitvennitsey, said, "Do not touch him, he will be an artist." When I was seven years old, I saw how she prayed. She knelt before the icon of the Divine Savior, and from the rising blue air. He filled the room and was very beautiful. I remember she told me, "You will not be easy in life. And when will be especially hard, read my prayer. " I was brought up on her prayers. This has always helped me. At 12, I read Pushkin. Shocked, I left one in the field, lay down on the ground and cried. Shed tears and asked, "Lord, if it is not, it makes no sense to me, and live. Take my life, but bring him. " I have long believed that it is possible Pushkin penetrated deeply into me.
Ending the seven-year, Valentine masses in 1953 went to Penza, where he enrolled in the Penza Art College. Savitsky.
- Even when I was studying, my favorite artist was Velazquez. Above it all on the ground there is nothing. This is a mystery.
In 1955, was a meeting with Academician Arkady Plastov. Looking at my work, he said: "God has given you a precious eyes. Works the way anyhow and did not listen. Now a lot of bullies in the arts. " Further creative development has gone through a meeting with A.Plastovym.
The formation as an artist.
- In the beginning, it was unknowingly, but the more you love, the more you learn and the more you learn, the more you love. This is development. In 1962 there was a meeting with a very interesting art critic (sorry, can not remember her name). I wrote a portrait of her, she looked at my work, said: "You are very talented, but you have all built on feelings. When feelings run out, what will you do? "And I told her:" Would to God that all the artists hand wither, when they no longer feel. Then there would not be a bad picture. "
The fall of 1962 was a creative journey to the Kuban. The need for this trip was after the show Renato Guttuso. At the exhibition, I realized Renato Guttuso Plastov words: "Work like anyhow and did not listen." And, in the Kuban, the new nature, the new conditions, a beautiful fall, I opened new opportunities.

"Beautiful thoughtful" oil on cardboard, 1962.

In this state, I worked 2 years 1962-1963. But, when I was officially declared a formalist and abstract artist, remembering the words Plastov and realizing his talent, not to irritate the authorities, I picked up a watercolor - a soft, harmless material. I worked very hard.
In 1970, there was a trip to Kyrgyzstan. This year started very serious about watercolor.

"Mountains of Kyrgyzstan," watercolor on paper 1970.

In 1972, Ferapontovo, professor of painting Alexander V. Myzin said: "Your soul with Dionysius related. You will give a new impetus to the art. " Words Plastov and A. Myzin always been with me.

"Evening" watercolor on paper 1971.

"Lilac" watercolor on paper 1976.

In 1975, on the recommendations of a remarkable artist Vitaly Nikolaevich Goryaeva and Academician Mikhail Vladimirovich Alpatova art, I was accepted into the Union of Artists. In 1977 I was in Moscow. There were so many people who are very kind to my work. They did meet with the artist Oleg rubles. For them, Oleg Tselkov was the authority and to Oleg for them was very significant. When Oleg looked at my work, he said, "You do what no one has done all that is left to the art of the earth."
1979 - the year of revelation.
- The significance of the words of Oleg Tselkova become clear only after 1979 - the year I did.

"Flowers" watercolor on paper 1979.

PS We talk a lot about the spiritual, rather, about the loss of spirituality in modern life. If words are not supported by case, what is the point in these words. For me, it's just a game of demagoguery, and therefore a waste of time. The man who gave his life to comprehend the mysteries of the highest in the work and managed to translate their findings into real work, is on the periphery of the so-called "art" - pathetic attempts incompetent dealers, snizvedshih high street to the level of caricature.
Without culture, the country has no future. If you want to live in a new, more perfect world, you need to change the existing order in the art business. Need to search for and promote the really talented artists, and not to do politics of art.
Valentine weight - artist of the 21st century. His work can give a new interpretation of meaning of creative development for talented people. Blocking the way to the audience this wizard, you first override a path for themselves and their children. So who loses more? He, who has created and achieved, or you do not have the ability to see and comprehend the different possibilities in the works?
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