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Oil Painting

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In Russia there is a civil war. A man eats his own kind.
I saw with how sadistic, with impunity, the opportunity, the powers that mocked people, while receiving almost sexual pleasure.
In my experience, people generally tend to enjoy the suffering of others, especially today, and especially in Russia. Evil prevails at all levels. Human life is worth nothing, and nobody cares.
Visualize a picture in the style of Bosch. People, animals digging in the manure of their own excrement, devouring each other in a wild mania maintain the illusion of their own well one day.
Manure worms, you think you'll die quietly in the holes of old age is that all? No, it only begins. Lost generation, you are to be congratulated. Atheist Revolution was accomplished. God became a convention, the picture in the primer. If only death after death, then all is possible. Never has the world was so deep in the opium daze scientific pseudoknowledge. Great scientific illusion of one day granted evil spawn freely in the souls deceived fools who want to live here and now.
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