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Art should not shine

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Метки Stella Kesaeva

Tim Ackerman, Welt am Sonntag, (translated from German)
Stella Kesaeva creates its collection despite fashion trends. The interest of Russia collector attracted Western artists are not expensive: it wants to provide public art of their homeland, which were persecuted in Soviet times. Today, Stella shows in museums in Vienna and Venice are part of his collection.
Hotel Cipriani - one of those places where people spend time, not wishing to be immediately noticed. The hotel is located on the easternmost edge of the Venetian quarter of Giudecca, where the tourists the least. This fashionable hotel boasts almost impossible luxury in the city, dotted with lagoons: a magnificent garden with lots of trees and secluded corners.

Stella Kesaeva situated in a cafe near the pool. At the beginning of the conversation, as if to preserve his incognito, she hides her eyes behind dark sunglasses. When they are together with her husband appeared at the Biennale, a married couple immediately began attacking the paparazzi - Igor Kesaev sells tobacco, vodka, oil, commodities and real estate, being one of the most powerful Russian businessmen.

Around the name of Russia's oligarch's wife emerged weight bias. Discouragingly similar, stylishly dressed, long-legged beauty with a glamorous haircuts asserted themselves in recent years, the art market with the pressure of the Regiment of Red, triggered by collectors from the countries of old Europe, the fear, which goes into hostility. Not the least of these prejudices have arisen since the story of Dasha Zhukova, received a gift from his friend, billionaire Roman Abramovich, works of art - including the very valuable painting by Francis Bacon - and which was able to call during an interview with their favorite artists.

At first glance at Stella Kesaeva you, too, there is an ambiguous impression: it slightly conservative version of the beloved mini-skirt, high heels, every hair of the Legislative stylish black hair is strictly reserved for him. Are all these prejudices are not groundless? No, it does have something that distinguishes it from others.
Primarily, this work of art forming the basis of its collection. Contemporary Russian conceptual art - this is not something that can cause West reverent whisper. At best, it will whisper of surprise. Knowledgeable people, of course, know the name of the founder of Russian Conceptualism, Ilya Kabakov, but it ends with a list of famous names, so visit the exhibition "That Obscure Object of Art", in which Stella Kasaeva exhibits at present his collection to the refined atmosphere of the museum of Venetian art XVIII century, gives a good opportunity to learn more about this art.

One of the discoveries is, for example, Vagrich Bahchanyan - painter of pop art rather than the socialist realism. Even in 1974, as officer of the humor of the Literary Gazette, he was thrown out by the Soviet authorities from work and put under observation as a class enemy and the conductor of the American influence. After a few months Bahchanyan creates a series of works "The Naked Truth," in which he draws colored pencils scenes from erotic magazines in the newspapers of the central organ of the Soviet regime. Thus, under the headline "Solidarity with the patriots of Chile" exhibition visitors can see a completely naked brunette.

Someone asked the author: Can his works were exhibited at that time in the USSR? "In the seventies? Are you crazy? "- Is responsible Bahchanyan, breaking out an infectious girlish laugh. His work has never been exhibited in Russia - even after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

"Russia's collectors buy works on the principle:" Oh, it shines and sparkles - is to buy ", - says Stella. - If art does not shine, it do not buy.

And what is the first job you bought? Kesaeva noticeably sighs. Unpleasant question. "It was Andy Warhol. All very ordinary. When in 2001 I began to create his collection, all chased Warhol. I also bought a piece of work "- she admits. The year before, Stella returned home after studying in Geneva. Soon she began to study Russia's art scene and discovered the Conceptual that from the seventies in the Soviet Union had to work secretly, and later on in the new Russia, they are mostly ignored. "Russia's conceptual art has great power, - says Stella. - In this art a lot of philosophy. It is drawn to politics and the complexities of life in the Soviet Union.

Exhibition Stella Kesaeva in Ca 'Rezzonico - it is indeed one of the most interesting projects under the Biennale this year: for Western audiences are discovering the art space, which in the West, almost nothing was known. One of the most beautiful exhibits - "Bauhaus Torah Vadim Zakharov, embodying modern buildings erected in Israel fled from Germany by Jewish architects, brightly colored reduced model submarine Alexander Ponomarev, and a series of polished bronze sculptures Osmolovsky Anatolia, is a reconstruction of parts of ordinary tank towers.

Although age, most artists did not fit into the category of "young authors", a large number of papers presented at the exhibition were created after 2000. "Many artists are very interesting, but they have never really been exhibited outside Russia - sees Stella Kesaeva. - So now I want to show the people of Western Europe, which is the Russian art. " And while her campaign was very successful: the head of the Biennale, Daniel Birnbaum chose three artists from its collection for the main exhibition, being held in the old Arsenal. In addition, in the early days of opening the world of art exhibitions in the oligarch's wife sponsored the event, as represented in the core program and unusual only because it strongly to the attention of spectators at the most important things in human life: in the course of the Moscow performance poetry club, held within three days in the open air, viewers were offered water, bread and poetry.

Meanwhile, in Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum curator Boris Manner exhibits in the exhibition "In situ" the work of two artists from the collection Kesaeva: Elena Elagina and Igor Makarevich. In 2014, Stella plans to open in Moscow, a huge private museum, combining and Institute of Arts and a concert hall for the performance of contemporary music.

The felicitous decision Kesaeva, began collecting works of art are relatively recent, we can assume that it does not become one of the participants in the auction endless circus lion-inferior the Impressionists, insanely expensive paintings of Pollock or produced in large numbers of Hirst's work. Instead, she chose a niche, in which the number of buyers is much smaller, but for which with interest the Western curators. Now the submarine Ponomareva defiantly rocking on the waves of the Grand Canal opposite the Palazzo Grassi - a museum owned by Frenchman François Pinault. One might think that the cold war continued here in the form of "arms race" of private collectors. "Russia - a very strong country", - says Kesaeva. - Russian art belongs to the future ".

With a pocket $ 100 million, the work of Bacon, anyone can buy one, she says, holding a pin in the address of his colleagues in the collecting Daria Zhukova. Behind this there is no concept. Such works, people buy for themselves - to hang in the cabin of his yacht or at home. Some kind of investment. She also can not understand why Russia's collectors are still very interested in famous artists of the XIX century, such as Ivan Shishkin, Ivan Aivazovsky and Ilya Repin. "Artists of the 70's, 80's and 90's - is part of the history of Russian art - said Kesaeva. - I am afraid that when the collectors are aware of it, it will be too late. " She silently smiled. When other collectors going to wake up from hibernation, they will realize that Stella Kesaeva long ago bought the best work.

Exhibition "That Obscure Object of Art" will run in the Venetian Palazzo Ca 'Rezzonico until October 5. The exhibition "In Situ" You can visit up to 2 August in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna city.

Artists represented in the collections of Stella Kesaeva http://safmuseum.org/docs/id161.html
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