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LD Shemelev (Belarusian artist)

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Leonid D. Shemelev
Leanid Дзмітрыевіч Шчамялеў

Honoured Artist of Belarus, People's Artist of Belarus.

In Minsk in 2003 opened the municipal (state) Municipal Art Gallery of Leonid Shchemeleva, foundation works were donated to the city by the artist.

The life and work of the artist published a book:
Krepak B. Leonid Shemelev. Paints and rhythms of time. Minsk: "Mastatskaya Litaratura, 2005. 303 pp., Il. (Life of famous people of Belarus). 2000 copies.


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Born 05 февраля 1923 in Vitebsk (Belarus).

* Minsk Art School (1952).
* Belarussian Theatre and Art Institute (1959, now the Belarusian Academy of Arts).
* Member of the Union of Artists of the BSSR (1964; now the Belarusian Union of Artists).
* Lecturer at the Minsk Art School (1959-1966).
* Teachers in the Republican boarding school for music and fine arts (1968-1974).
* Teachers at the architectural department of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (1975-1977?, Now the Belarusian National Technical University).
* First Secretary of the Board of the Union of Artists of the BSSR (1977-1982).
* Chairman of the Board of the Art Fund BSSR (1982-1986?).
* Member of the Board of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1983-1987).
* Member of the Board of the Belarusian Union of Artists (1992-2002).
* Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Artists (2002-2005).


* Order of the Patriotic War »I and II degrees, medals.
* Francis Skaryna Medal (1993), the Order of Francis Skaryna (2001).

* Bronze Medal (1969, for the painting "Motherhood").
* Silver Medal (1975, for the painting "General Dovator").
* Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR (1975; secondary - 1983, in connection with the 60-and anniversary).
* State Prize of the BSSR (1982, for a series of paintings of "my land, Minsk region": "Leaf", "Storm. 22 June", "Summer", "flax Ivenets").
* Honored Artist of the BSSR (1977).
* People's Artist of the BSSR (1983).
* Academician of Painting of the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts (Non-Governmental Organization, 1995).
* Medal of the Belarusian Union of Artists "For заслугі ¢ выяўленчым Mastatstva" ("For Merit in Fine Arts") (1998).
* Gold Medal of the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts (1998).
* Honorary Citizen of Minsk (2003).
* Badge of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus "For ўклад have razvitstse Culture Belarus" ("For contribution to the development of Belarusian Culture") (2003).


* The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow).
* Exhibition Association "Central House of Artists (Moscow).
* Funds of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

* National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk) - works in the permanent exhibition.
* Museum of Modern Art (Minsk).
* The National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus (Minsk).
* The funds of the Belarusian Union of Artists (Minsk).
* Brest Regional Museum (Brest).
* Vitebsk Regional Museum (Vitebsk).
* Vitebsk Art Museum (Vitebsk).
* Museum of Marc Chagall - Art Center (Collection of Modern Art) (Vitebsk).
* State historical and cultural agency "Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble" (Gomel).
* Grodno State Historical-Archaeological Museum (Grodno).
* Mogilev Regional Museum im. E. Romanov (Mogilev).
* Mogilev Regional Art Museum. PV Maslennikov (Mogilev).
* In many areas of local history museums in Belarus.


1963 - Reports show (Minsk).
1965 - Reports show (Minsk).
1974 - personal, timed to 50 years (Minsk, issued a directory).
1979 - Personal "on Vietnam" (Minsk).
1982 - personal, dedicated to the 60 th anniversary (Moscow, Central House of Artists, published catalog).
1983 - personal, dedicated to the 60 th anniversary (Minsk).
1987 - Personal (Minsk).
1988 - Personal (Minsk).
1989 - Personal (Grodno).
1990 - Personal (Vitebsk).
1991 - Personal (Orsha).
1993 - personal, dedicated to the 70 th (Minsk).
1997 - Personal (Minsk, issued a directory).
1997 - Personal (Svetlogorsk).
1997 - Personal (Novopolotsk).
1998 - dedicated to the 75 th anniversary (Minsk).
2001 - Personal (Minsk).
2002 - personal (Minsk, issued a directory).
2003 - Personal, dedicated to the 80 th anniversary and the opening of the Municipal Art Gallery of works by L. Shchemeleva (Minsk).
2004 - personal (Minsk).
2005 - Personal (Baranovichi).
2006 - Personal (Minsk, art-gallery "Mastatstva" /"Art").
2006 - Personal (Minsk City Art Gallery works L. Shchemeleva).
2007 - Personal (Minsk, National Art Museum).
2008 - personal "Artist and time", dedicated to the 85-th (Minsk, National Museum of Art). [On this exhibition the artist said it was his 26 th solo exhibition].

Where is called "Minsk" (exhibitions after 1973), meaning the exhibition building of the Belarusian Union of Artists - National Art Gallery "Мастацтваў Palace (" Palace of Art "). Exhibitions in the regional and district centers of Belarus - in the relevant regional and district museum.


1965 - All-Union Exhibition of Art - Children "(Moscow).
1967 - All-Union Exhibition, posvyaschennnaya 50 th anniversary of the Great October Revolution (Moscow).
1968 - Exhibition of Fine and Applied Arts BSSR (Moscow, Exhibition of Economic Achievements, bronzavaya medal).
1972 - All-Union Exhibition of "Friendship" (Vilnius).
- The National Exhibition "Spring Jubilee" (Yerevan).
- Zonal exhibition of artists of Belarus and Moldova, devoted to 50 Anniversary of the USSR (Moscow).
- Exhibition of Belarusian painting and drawing (Vilnius).
1975 - All-Union exhibition "30 Years of Victory", an exhibition of Belarusian painting, graphics and glass (Moscow, Exhibition of Economic Achievements, a silver medal).
1976 - All-Union exhibition "Self-Portrait in Russian and Soviet art" (Moscow).
- All-Union exhibition "Glory to Labor!" Dedicated to the XXV Congress of the CPSU (Moscow).
1977 - All-Union exhibition "On the Leninist path", dedicated to the 60 anniversary of the Great October Revolution (Moscow).
- All-Union Exhibition of "Always on guard, posvyaschennnaya 60 th anniversary of the Soviet Militia (Moscow).
1978 - All-Union Exhibition of Young Guard of the Soviet Union ", dedicated to the 60 th anniversary of Komsomol (Moscow).
- All-Union exhibition "60 years of heroic, dedicated to the 60 th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR (Moscow).
1979 - All-Union Exhibition of "Physical Culture and Sport in Fine Arts (Moscow).
1981 - All-Union exhibition "We are building communism", dedicated to the XXVI Congress of the CPSU (Moscow).
1982 - All-Union Exhibition of the USSR - our Homeland ", dedicated to 60 Anniversary of the USSR (Moscow).
- All-Union Exhibition dedicated to the 1500 anniversary of Kyiv (Kiev).
- All-Union Exhibition of Soviet Artists (Yerevan).
1983 - All-Union Exhibition of "Physical Culture and Sport in Fine Arts (Moscow).
- The National Exhibition "Kyiv Spring" (Kiev).
1984 - All-Union exhibition "Land and People" (Moscow).
1985 - All-Union exhibition "40 Years of Victory" (Moscow).
- International exhibition of realist painters (Sofia, Bulgaria).
1986 - All-Union exhibition "We are building Communism, dedicated XXVII Congress of the CPSU (Moscow).
- International exhibition "Masters of culture - for the world" (Moscow).
1987 - All-Union exhibition "Land of Soviets", dedicated to the 70 th anniversary of the Great October Revolution (Moscow).
1996 - Group Exhibition (..., Germany).
1997 - Group Exhibition (..., France).

From 1959 - participant of most of Belarusian national exhibition at the decadal rates and exhibitions in the RSFSR, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

The works exhibited by Soviet and Belarusian artists abroad: in England, Austria, Algeria, Angola, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, West Berlin, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Poland, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia, Japan .


* Выстаўка твораў whale L. Shchamyaleva, prysvechanaya 50-h day Goju naradzhennya. Catalog. Мінск, 1973.
* Leonid D. Shemelev. Colours time / Ed. and lyricist BA Krepak. Moscow: Soviet Artist, 1978. 5., 14 liters. col.
* Krepak BA leanid Шчамялеў. Мінск: "Belarus", 1981. 56 pp., Col. silt.
* Shemelev LD Honoured Artist of the Byelorussian SSR Leonid D. Shemelev. Painting. Exhibition Catalogue. Moscow: Soviet Artist, 1982. 1500 copies. 4., 22 liters. col.
* Krepak BA leanid Шчамялеў. Мінск: "Belarus", 1989. 152 pp., Col. silt. ( The album, large format ).
* Шчамялеў leanid Дзмітрыевіч. Warehouse. B. Krepak. [Мінск:] "PryntTym, 1997. 44, col. silt.
* Leanid Шчамялеў. Ed. A. Prilipko. Minsk: "Helmon, 1998. 2000 copies. 126 pp., Col. silt. Text of steam. rus., Belarusian., Eng. ( The album, large format ).
* Leanid Шчамялеў. Мінск, 2002. Warehouse. S. Shchamyaleva. 195 copies. 64.

The work that I offer for sale, located in a separate topic: http://forum.artinvestment.ru/showthread.php?t=10355

Below - are examples of the artist.

On the site gallery Belarusian Union of Artists, the site is practically not updated when changes occur, these should sporadic and poorly understood.

1. Evening in the village. 1999.
Вложение 74545
2. Summer is warm.
Вложение 74555
3. Early Spring in Minsk. 200 ....
Вложение 74565
4. Autumn polonaise. 2005.
Вложение 74575
5. September. 2006.
Вложение 74585
Belarusian artist
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