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Art news
The king walks in any weather. Personal exhibition of artist Andrew Munz AI in the gallery "XXI century. Contemporary Russian art"
17 August 2020, 14:20:57
The exhibition is open August 18 — September 1, 2020 in a blended format. Online-вернисаж 18 Aug 2020. Beginning at 20:00

Open 342-е the Auction and 28-й curator's auction "XXI century"
11 August 2020, 13:45:00
The master catalogue — thirty lots: twenty-one paintings, four sheets of an original and two — printed graphics and three works in mixed media.

The results of the Auction No. 341
07 August 2020, 18:10:00
Sold 14 lots totaling just less than 3.5 million rubles

Open 341-е the Auction and 27-й curator's auction "XXI century"
04 August 2020, 11:50:24
The master catalogue — thirty lots: eighteen paintings, six original leaves and one — printed graphics, two works in mixed media, two sculptures, and one set of seven porcelain plates

The results of the Auction № 340
31 July 2020, 18:30:00
Sold 12 lots for the sum over 6 million roubles

"Looking back" — retrospective of Sergei Maksiutina at the gallery AI "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"
31 July 2020, 16:05:00
The exhibition is open August 4-August 18, 2020 in a blended format. Online-вернисаж will be held on 4 August 2020. Beginning at 20:00

In Saint-Петербурге opened the exhibition "Artists and collectors — to the Russian Museum. Gifts. 1898-2019. Favorites"
30 July 2020, 18:10:00
The exhibition, held simultaneously on all the main belt, has collected more than 1,500 items donated to the Museum since the founding of the

Sotheby's completed a spring-летний season on a high note
29 July 2020, 20:35:00
Auction "From Rembrandt to Richter" auction house brought $193 million, bringing the total result of the season up to $1 billion

Still life of Nicholas Feshina sold for $262K at auction in the United States
29 July 2020, 20:25:00
This result — for best artist this year and the third in the history of its sales outside of Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonhams and MacDougall's

Open 340-е the Auction and 26-й curator's auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"
28 July 2020, 17:10:00
The master catalogue — 30 lots: 17 paintings, 8 of the original sheets and 1 — printed graphics and one lot in the categories of mixed media, porcelain, sculpture and digital print

Fedor Rokotov exhibition opens at Historical Museum of Moscow
27 July 2020, 19:50:00
A collection of works of the famous Russian portrait painter XVIII veka will showcase on 29 July 2020

Open 339-е the Auction and 25-й curator's auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"
21 July 2020, 23:55:23
The master catalogue — 30 lots: 16 paintings, 5 original leaves and 1 — printed graphics, 6 works in mixed media, 1 photo and 1 porcelain plate

Articles on art investing
Художник недели: Кузьма Петров-Водкин
03 May 2021, 11:39:23
История, ценовые и маркетинговые показатели художника Кузьмы Петрова-Водкина, которому удалось переложить эстетические концепции Серебряного века на язык эпохи октябрьских десятилетий

A common story: Artsy. Part 1
13 August 2020, 18:05:00
In the new section AI talks about the history, the successes and failures of companies in the art market

Literature: Piroska Dossey. Sold!
12 August 2020, 15:50:00
The book is about the phenomenon of pricing, the original title of which was ahead of its time in a decade

Artist of the week: Leonid Purygin
10 August 2020, 18:35:00
History, pricing and marketing indicators of the modernist and one of the brightest representatives of Russian art-брют Leonid Purygina

Movies: "the Cool school"
07 August 2020, 15:32:17
The emergence of abstract expressionism on the West coast of the United States the voice of the Big Lebowski

Cross-trades in the summer of 2020. ArtTactic Report
06 August 2020, 13:46:40
Analysis of auction sales of a new format with the participation of the old masters

10 most unusual ArtTech-стартапов 2020. Part 1
31 July 2020, 17:55:00
AI talks about young companies whose ideas have become especially popular with the onset of the quarantine

"Russian week" in 2020, London: facts, figures and key findings
30 July 2020, 20:00:00
AI collected basic information at the end of the summer series of Russian sales in London

Literature: Еkaterina Dorozhkina. Zero Budget Marketing
29 July 2020, 20:50:00
A practical book about the importance of marketing in terms of when people and companies have limited resources

Auction sale of 1-й half of 2020. ArtTactic Report
28 July 2020, 20:10:00
Analysis of volume sales of leading auction houses in the first half of 2020

Artist of the week: Jacques Lipchitz
27 July 2020, 18:50:00
History, pricing and marketing indicators of the artist's orbit of Russian art, representative of the Paris school, the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz

Movies: "the Best offer"
24 July 2020, 09:46:28
Movie about the friendship of the auctioneer with the artist, which didn't lead to anything good

Literature: Arthur Tompkins. Art Crime and its Prevention
23 July 2020, 13:38:51
The book is about the possible fate of art during the lockdown, written by the current judge

Contemporary artists in crisis: John Baldessari
22 July 2020, 17:38:03
The artist, who helped us understand postmodernism, and did not know what a pandemic

Mixed trades in the summer of 2020. ArtTactic Report
21 July 2020, 18:32:25
Analysis of the combined evening sales of impressionist, modernism, postwar and contemporary art from leading auction houses

Artist of the week: Evgeny Chubarov
20 July 2020, 23:43:43
History, pricing and marketing indices of the non-conformist, abstract artist and one of the most enigmatic artists of the second half of the twentieth century Eugene Iosifovicha Chubarova

Movies: "Big eyes"
17 July 2020, 10:27:16
The story of how Harvey Weinstein made a good movie about injustice against women

Old masters and new market. Part 1
16 July 2020, 17:39:40
AI begins with a detailed story about the art market of the old masters

Literature: Anna Arutyunova. Art-рынок in the XXI century
15 July 2020, 13:35:49
The first book about the art market, created by Russian author

Pricing contemporary art. Part 2
14 July 2020, 17:11:43
Anna Lipskaya — on how contemporary artists can affect the value of his art

Сегодня в продаже на AI Аукционе
﴾XXI век﴿ ДУЛЬКИНА Галина Борисовна (1981) Литературный супрематизм. 2007
﴾XXI век﴿ ДУЛЬКИНА Галина Борисовна (1981) Литературный супрематизм. 2007
Текущая ставка: 55 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Май. 2021 12:00:00
БУЛАТОВ Эрик Владимирович (1933) Слава КПСС. 2005
БУЛАТОВ Эрик Владимирович (1933) Слава КПСС. 2005
Текущая ставка: 41 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Май. 2021 12:00:00
ТРАНКОВСКИЙ Алексей Иванович (1847–1914 (?)) Девушка с гирляндой цветов. Конец XIX — начало XX века
ТРАНКОВСКИЙ Алексей Иванович (1847–1914 (?)) Девушка с гирляндой цветов. Конец XIX — начало XX века
Текущая ставка: -
Окончание торгов: 21 Май. 2021 12:00:00
﴾XXI век﴿ БОГДАЛОВ Фарид (1963) Гол. Из серии «Сладкая сила». 2016
﴾XXI век﴿ БОГДАЛОВ Фарид (1963) Гол. Из серии «Сладкая сила». 2016
Текущая ставка: 25 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Май. 2021 12:00:00
ГЛЮКМАН Григорий Ефимович (1898–1973) Кистевой рисунок. Женщины. 1936
ГЛЮКМАН Григорий Ефимович (1898–1973) Кистевой рисунок. Женщины. 1936
Текущая ставка: 190 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Май. 2021 12:00:00

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